Research Area
Publication Year
IOctopus: Outsmarting Nonuniform DMA
Igor Smolyar, Alex Markuze, Boris Pismenny, Haggai Eran, Gerd Zellweger, Austin Bolen, Liran Liss, Adam Morrison, Dan Tsafrir
The ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS) | March, 2020
C-Share: Optical Circuits Sharing for Software-Defined Data-Centers
Shay Vargaftik, Shay Vargaftik, Cosmin Caba, Liran Schour, Yaniv Ben-Itzhak
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review | March, 2020
How to Copy Files
Yang Zhan, Alex Conway, Yizheng Jiao, Nirjhar Mukherjee, Ian Groombridge, Michael A. Bender, Martin Farach-Colton, William Jannen, Rob Johnson, Donald E. Porter, Jun Yuan
FAST | February, 2020
Flushing Without Cascades
Michael A. Bender, Rathish Das, Martin Farach-Colton, Rob Johnson, William Kuszmaul
SODA | January, 2020
Peaches, lemons, and cookies: Designing auction markets with dispersed information
Ittai Abraham, Susan Athey, Moshe Babaioff, Michael Grubb
Games Econ. Behav. | 2020
Ramsey Spanning Trees and Their Applications
Ittai Abraham, Shiri Chechik, Michael Elkin, Arnold Filtser, Ofer Neiman
{ACM} Trans. Algorithms | 2020
Information Theoretic HotStuff
Ittai Abraham, Gilad Stern
OPODIS | 2020
Explaining Naive Bayes and Other Linear Classifiers with Polynomial Time and Delay
Nina Narodytska, Joao Marques-Silva (University of Toulouse), Thomas Gerspacher, Martin C. Cooper, Alexey Ignatiev
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33: Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems 2020, NeurIPS 2020, December 6-12, 2020, virtual | 2020
Flexible Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Dahlia Malkhi, Kartik Nayak, Kartik Nayak, Ling Ren
Computer and Communication Security (CCS) | ACM | November, 2019
Efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing with Share Recovery in BFT Protocols
Soumya Basu, Alin Tomescu, Ittai Abraham, Dahlia Malkhi, Mike Reiter, Emin Gun Sirer
Computer and Communication Security (CCS) | ACM | November, 2019
Transparency Logs via Append-Only Authenticated Dictionaries
Alin Tomescu, Vivek Bhupatiraju, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Charalampos Papamanthou, Nikos Triandopoulos, Srinivas Devadas
ACM CCS'19 | November, 2019
BDD-Based Algorithms for Packet Classification
Nina Narodytska, Leonid Ryzhyk, Igor Ganichev, Soner Sevinc
FMCAD'19 | Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design | October, 2019
Scalable and Practical Locking With Shuffling
Sanidhya Kashyap, Irina Calciu, Xiaohe Cheng, Changwoo Min, Taesoo Kim
SOSP | October, 2019
Automating Cluster Management with Weave
Lalith Suresh, Faria Kalim, Nina Narodytska, Leonid Ryzhyk, Mooly Sagiv, Joao Loff, Sahan Gamage, Brian Oki, Zeeshan Lokhandwala, Mukesh Hira
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.03130 | September, 2019
The Risks of WebGL: Analysis, Evaluation and Detection
Alex Belkin, Nethanel Gelernter, Israel Cidon
Computer Security - {ESORICS} 2019 - 24th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, Luxembourg, September 23-27, 2019, Proceedings, Part {II} | September, 2019