Herzliya, IL, IL

I'm interested in the design of general and application specific secure multiparty computation (MPC) protocols.

Recent publications:

2021/739 (PDF) Last updated: 2022-02-17
A New Approach to Garbled Circuits
Anasuya Acharya, Tomer Ashur, Efrat Cohen, Carmit Hazay, Avishay Yanai

A garbling scheme is a fundamental cryptographic building block with a long list of applications. In this work we revisit the foundations of garbled circuits to propose a novel...

2021/1221 (PDF) Last updated: 2021-09-20
Simple, Fast Malicious Multiparty Private Set Intersection
Ofri Nevo, Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai
Cryptographic protocols

We address the problem of multiparty private set intersection against a malicious adversary. First, we show that when one can assume no collusion amongst corrupted parties then...

2022/452 (PDF) Last updated: 2022-04-12
UTT: Decentralized Ecash with Accountable Privacy
Alin Tomescu, Adithya Bhat, Benny Applebaum, Ittai Abraham, Guy Gueta, Benny Pinkas, Avishay Yanai
Cryptographic protocols

We present UnTraceable Transactions (UTT), a system for decentralized ecash with accountable privacy. UTT is the first ecash system that obtains three critical properties: (1)...

2022/735 (PDF) Last updated: 2022-06-08
Multiparty Private Set Intersection Cardinality and Its Applications
Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai, Jiahui Gao

We describe a new paradigm for multi-party private set intersection cardinality (PSI-CA) that allows n parties to compute the intersection size of their datasets without...

2021/1206 (PDF) Last updated: 2021-10-18
Efficient Perfectly Secure Computation with Optimal Resilience
Ittai Abraham, Gilad Asharov, Avishay Yanai<

Secure computation enables $n$ mutually distrustful parties to compute a function over their private inputs jointly. In 1988 Ben-Or, Goldwasser, and Wigderson (BGW)...

2021/883 (PDF) Last updated: 2021-11-30
Oblivious Key-Value Stores and Amplification for Private Set Intersection
Gayathri Garimella, Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Avishay Yanai
Cryptographic protocols

Many recent private set intersection (PSI) protocols encode input sets as polynomials. We consider the more general notion of an oblivious key-value store (OKVS), which is a...


I did my Ph.D at the Cyber Center in Bar Ilan University , Israel.
My advisors are Prof. Yehuda Lindell and Prof. Carmit Hazay.

My research interests are in the field of cryptography, with a focus on Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). My research mainly concerns with methods on optimizations of complexity measures of protocols for multiparty computation for general functions (or programs) and for protocols solving specific problems such as Private Set Intersection (PSI)
I'm also interested in pursuing research in other areas like security of internet protocols, anonymous communication and advances in the blockchain technology.

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