Senior Researcher

Herzliya, IL, IL
I'm interested in efficient machine learning (e.g., in terms of resource consumption, training time, inference latency, and ML performance), anomaly detection, distributed and federated machine-learning, and ML for cybersecurity.

Recent professional service:
- PC member of the Fifth ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing 2020.
- IEEE Networking Letters 2020 reviewer.
- Co-organizer of the Resource-Constrained Machine Learning (ReCoML 2020) workshop in MLSys 2020.
- PC member of the Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR) 2019.
- PhD committee member of Dr. Gonzalo Guelbenzu de villota from TU/e, Netherlands on March 2018.
- Program chair of the Israeli Networking Day 2018

Other publications:
RADE: resource‑efficient supervised anomaly detection using decision tree‑based ensemble methods (Springer ML 2021)