Principal Researcher

Bellevue, WA, US

I am a systems researcher with a focus on correctness, distributed systems, and security.

I aim to replace test-driven software development with verification-driven software development, so that we can begin shipping software with zero safety bugs in its implementation. The challenge is to reduce the cost of verification, making it practical and accessible to the practicing engineer. To that aim:
  • I build research systems with high performance and maintainable code to exercise the verification tools, identify common causes of tedium, and feed back improvements. We're building a fast, verified storage system (see "Storage Systems" paper under publications).
  • I introduce engineers and students to verification tools to understand what makes the learning curve steep, again so we can improve tool and language design. This includes building an introductory curriculum currently offered as a summer school.

    Service. I co-chaired NSDI 2017 and OSDI 2020.
    I hold a Graduate Faculty appointment at University of Washington. I taught Distributed Systems there in Spring 2019.
    I serve on the NSDI and OSDI steering committees.
    I have served on PCs for NSDI, OSDI, SOSP, ATC, ICDCS, FAST, and VEE; I am presently serving on OSDI21 and HotOS21.
    I have served on thesis committees for Ray Cheng, Sangmin Lee, and Shih-Wei Li.