Principal Researcher

Bellevue, WA, US

I am a systems researcher with a focus on correctness, distributed systems, and security.

My research is focused on consistent distributed systems that provide a foundation for writing correct, scalable applications. I work at the intersection of system design and specification, applying techniques and tools that increase confidence in the correctness of critical systems.
  • On one front, I'm pushing forward the practicality of tools for verified implementations: Our team is verifying a high-performance write-optimized file system that wasn't designed to be verified.
  • On another front, I'm working with VMware engineers to apply protocol verification to product problems. That involves improving the languages, tools, and training techniques and materials.

I also study new policies and applications that distributed systems design can enable, as relevant policies are much scarcer than new mechanisms.

Service. I'm serving as co-chair for OSDI 2020.
I taught Distributed Systems at U. Washington in Spring 2019.
I co-chaired NSDI 2017.
I have served on PCs for NSDI, OSDI, SOSP, ATC, ICDCS, and FAST.
I have served on thesis committees for Ray Cheng and Sangmin Lee.