ASPLOS 2020 Best Paper Award goes to Igor Smolyar, Gerd Z...

...for their work on “IOctopus: Outsmarting Nonuniform DMA.”

Sujata Banerjee and Radhika Niranjan Mysore are 2020 AI 2...

Sujata and Rhadika made the 2020 AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Nominees!

OPODIS 2019 Best Paper Award goes to Sasha Spiegelman and...

...and their work on "FairLedger: A Fair Blockchain Protocol for Financial Institutions"

VRG wins two out of three best paper awards at ATC 2018

Congratulations to Nadav Amit, Michael Wei and Vijay Chidambaram for winning Best Paper awards at ATC 2018.

Aasheesh Kolli wins Outstanding Dissertation award at ISCA!

ACM (SIGARCH) and IEEE (TCCA) have awarded Aasheesh the inaugural Outstanding Dissertation Award in computer architecture.

Keeping above "PAR", Vijay Chidambaram and team win Best...

Title: Protocol-Aware Recovery for Consensus-Based Storage

Forget the Heisman Trophy – we have a SIGPLAN Research Hi...

"Black-box Concurrent Data Structures for NUMA Architectures" has been bestowed the significant honor of 2017 SIGPLAN Research Highlight Paper.

We are in The Morning Paper (once again)!

VMware Researcher Leonid Ryzhyk and friends wrote a HotOS '17 paper titled "System Programming in Rust: Beyond Safety".

Jayneel Gandhi wins IEEE Micro Top Pick of the year 2016!

"Agile Paging: Exceeding the Best of Nested and Shadow Paging” by Jayneel Gandhi, has been accepted as an IEEE Micro Top Pick of the year 2016!

Great start, 2017: Another VRG paper on 'The Morning Paper'!

The Many Faces of Consensus, posted on The Morning Paper, January 2017.

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