Research Area
Publication Year
Taming uncertainty in distributed systems with help from the network
Joshua B. Leners, Trinabh Gupta, Marcos Aguilera, Michael Walfish
EuroSYS | 2015
Yesquel: Scalable SQL storage for Web applications
Marcos Aguilera, Joshua B. Leners, Michael Walfish
ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles | 2015
On the Capacity of Bufferless Networks-on-Chip
Israel Cidon, Isaac Keslassy, Alexander Shpiner, Erez Kantor, Pu Li
{IEEE} Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. | 2015
Heterogeneous NoC Router Architecture
Israel Cidon, Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Yaniv Ben{-}Itzhak, Avinoam Kolodny, Michael Shabun, Nir Shmuel
{IEEE} Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. | 2015
NoEncap: overlay network virtualization with no encapsulation overheads
Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Sergey Guenender, Katherine Barabash, Anna Levin, Eran Raichstein, Liran Schour
Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCOMM Symposium on Software Defined Networking Research | 2015
EnforSDN: Network policies enforcement with SDN
Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Katherine Barabash, Rami Cohen, Anna Levin, Eran Raichstein
Integrated Network Management (IM), 2015 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on | 2015
Gestalt: Fast, Unified Fault Localization for Networked Systems
Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Ratul Mahajan, Amin Vahdat, George Varghese
USENIX Annual Technical Conference | June, 2014
FasTrak: enabling express lanes in multi-tenant data centers
Radhika Niranjan Mysore, George Porter, Amin Vahdat
Proceedings of the ninth ACM conference on Emerging networking experiments and technologies | December, 2013
TritonSort: A Balanced and Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Sorting System
Alexander Rasmussen, George Porter, Michael Conley, Harsha V Madhyastha, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Alexander Pucher, Amin Vahdat
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS) | February, 2013
HNOCS: modular open-source simulator for heterogeneous NoCs
Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Israel Cidon, Eitan Zahavi, Avinoam Kolodny
Embedded Computer Systems (SAMOS), 2012 International Conference on | 2012
Alias: Scalable, decentralized label assignment for data centers
Themistoklis Melissaris, Meg Walraed-Sullivan, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Malveeka Tewari, Ying Zhang, Keith Marzullo, Amin Vahdat
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing | October, 2011
Tritonsort: A balanced large-scale sorting system
Alexander Rasmussen, George Porter, Michael Conley, Harsha V Madhyastha, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Alexander Pucher, Amin Vahdat
USENIX NSDI | March, 2011
Scale-out networking in the data center
Amin Vahdat, Mohammad Al-Fares, Nathan Farrington, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, George Porter, Sivasankar Radhakrishnan
Micro, IEEE | July, 2010
PortLand: a scalable fault-tolerant layer 2 data center network fabric
Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Andreas Pamboris, Nathan Farrington, Nelson Huang, Pardis Miri, Sivasankar Radhakrishnan, Vikram Subramanya, Amin Vahdat
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2009 conference on Data communication | August, 2009
High-performance hypervisor architectures: Virtualization in hpc systems
Ada Gavrilovska, Sanjay Kumar, Himanshu Raj, Karsten Schwan, Vishakha Gupta, Ripal Nathuji, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Adit Ranadive, Purav Saraiya
Workshop on System-level Virtualization for HPC (HPCVirt) | March, 2007
Sharing, Protection and Compatibility for Reconfigurable Fabric with AmorphOS
Eric Schkufza, Ahmed Khawaja, Joshua Landgraf, Rohith Prakash, Chistopher J. Rossbach, Michael Wei
Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage
Alon Berger, Idit Keidar, Alexander Spiegelman