Hillview is a distributed spreadsheet for browsing very large datasets that cannot be handled by a single machine. As a spreadsheet, Hillview provides a high degree of interactivity that permits data analysts to explore information quickly along many dimensions while switching visualizations on a whim. To provide the required responsiveness, Hillview introduces visualization sketches, or vizketches, as a simple idea to produce compact data visualizations. Vizketches combine algorithmic techniques for data summarization with computer graphics principles for efficient rendering. While simple, vizketches are effective at scaling the spreadsheet by parallelizing computation, reducing communication, providing progressive visualizations, and offering precise accuracy guarantees. Using Hillview running on eight servers, we can navigate and visualize datasets of tens of billions of rows and trillions of cells, much beyond the published capabilities of competing systems.



July, 2019


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Research Areas

  • big data
  • data visualization




Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (VLDB)