Palo Alto, CA, USA

(Last updated on February 2nd, 2022)

I work on applied cryptography, with a focus on authenticated data structures for public-key infrastructures and cryptocurrencies. My interests lie at the intersection of theory and practice: I enjoy designing new cryptographic primitives and implementing them.

My current work is focused on anonymous payments and on novel authenticated data structures that improve upon Merkle trees for speeding up validation in the next generation of cryptocurrencies.

Before joining VRG, I have worked on vector commitments, on scalable threshold cryptosytems, on faster proofs for polynomial commitments, on append-only authenticated data structures for public-key distribution, on scaling BFT algorithms, on leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain to prevent equivocation attacks in public-key directories, and on privacy-preserving file systems via ORAMs.

My publications can be found here.

My program committee (PC) work can be found on my CV here

You can see me present some of my work here or on YouTube.

I also like to blog about technical things: