Looks at the challenge of creating a unified trusted execution environment for virtualized environments.


Protecting the integrity and confidentiality of application data and code is increasingly important in shared cloud and edge/IoT environments. Trusted execution environments, or TEEs, were developed to address this requirement by offering isolation mechanisms to protect against software-based attacks, even those by privileged system software (e.g., OS). Intel SGX, a recent TEE solution, offers a pure hardware approach but in doing so presents several disadvantages for virtualized environments. In this work, we explore a framework for unifying TEEs in virtual environments using industry-standard, developer-friendly application libraries and a cross-platform approach to back-end hardware features. The scheme is designed with virtualization in mind and offers capabilities that simplify the use of TEEs for guest VM environments.


External Researchers

  • Anoop Jaishankar
  • John Manferdelli
  • Ye Li


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