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CBN utilizes the emerging network and compute infrastructure of public clouds to create an auto-scale, software, world wide corporate WAN service


The Cloudified Business Network (CBN), introduces a paradigm shift in the way corporate WANs are built and operated by utilizing distributed communication and computation resources of public clouds and providing WAN connectivity and security as "pay as you go" services. CBN creates a software, limitless elastic overlay network across public cloud operators and regions, interconnecting corporate data-centers, branches, mobile users, IoT and SaaS. CBN connects corporate entities to the nearest cloud regions using Internet VPNs as well as SD-WAN.


CBN utilizes continuous measurements across regions and SaaS to provide an accurate and topical view of the underlying network properties. Using this information, CBN optimizes traffic routing between corporate facilities, mobile, IoT clouds and SaaS, across the public-cloud network. CBN scales up resources in real time with traffic demand providing a limitless capacity for security and communication and eliminating the need for throttling and prioritizing traffic through congestion control mechanisms. CBN also improves end-to-end performance by optimizing TCP rate control along the cloud path. Members of VMware’s Research Group implemented a CBN Proof of Concept based on IPsec, Linux's router and a proprietary central controller.

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External Researcher

  • Alex Merkuze
  • Chen Dar
  • Eyal Zohar
  • Prashanth Venugopal


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