An experimental operating system.


Bespin is an new operating system written from scratch with the goal to explore the following three main ideas:
  • A novel multi-core design based on data-structure replication with operation logging. It aims to combine the best of two prevalent approaches: shared memory, monolithic kernels and multi-kernel architectures.
  • The use of a safe language (Rust) for OS implementation to gain better security and correctness guarantees at compile time, while not impacting performance negatively.
  • Library operating-systems as a form of light-weight virtualization for containerized/serverless workloads.

Bespin is a joint project of VMware Research with academic collaborators at University of Utah, EPFL and University of British Columbia.


2020 Interns

2019 Interns

2018 Interns

External Researchers

  • Ryan Stutsman


  • Active VMW Software Systems Projects

Research Areas

  • Hypervisor
  • Operating Systems