Clustered Management PLATform (in short, CMPLAT; pronounced sim-plat) is a distributed technology driving SDN control.


Today, software that drives and controls large cluster products, e.g., VMware's NSX software defined network, may have very large state and require manipulation at very high throughput. Unfortunately, using the technology available in industry today to achieve this necessitates a plethora of tools--ZooKeeper, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, etc.--for locking, replication, transactions, shrink-wrap operation, and so on. In an on-going joint venture, the NSX team and the VMware Research Group are contemplating what a Clustered Management PLATform (in short, CMPLAT; pronounced sim-plat) builds a distibuted technology for driving the control of VMware's SDN. Our design builds over a stateful platform called Corfu that supports the development of services like CMPLAT. The Corfu platform guarantees strong consistency and transactional support on one hand, while providing high performance. CMPLAT application state is backed by the log, and Corfu provides tools for querying and manipulating state efficiently and conveniently.


External Researchers

  • Andrew Lambeth
  • Jim Stabile
  • Medhavi Dhawan